Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hillary Heads Petition to Protect Women's Health

Hillary Clinton asks us to sign this petition.

She says the following about it, as the honorary chair of HillPAC, an organization dedicated to helping working families:

"It is our goal to fight for a better future for every child, and for every family. To keep fighting for those who get up every day, no matter what the odds, and never give in. For those who never back down, and those who always stand their ground.

"The Bush White House is working to rewrite the definition of abortion in federal regulations to include common forms of birth control. This would undermine women's health and put family planning services in danger. Simply, it puts women at risk -- it could even prevent victims of sexual assault from receiving emergency contraceptives.

"I need your help to speak up for the health of millions of American women who are in danger, once again, from the latest assault from the Bush administration.

"Will you join me in sending a strong message to Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt to put women's health ahead of right-wing ideology?"

 We share Hillary's concerns and hope you will sign the petition.

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