Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin? No Way.

Sarah Palin believes teens should abstain from sex until marriage. She's opposed to sex ed in the schools.

That's just plain wrong, because:

(1) teens are never going to abstain; and
(2) There is zero discussion of sex ed in many families.

This leaves teen GIRLS unprotected, because they're the ones who are at risk of getting pregnant. Sarah does not believe in abortion, so those teenage girls who line up with her beliefs will risk having to bear children if they do get pregnant. Teenage girls shouldn't have to bear children; they should have the time to pursue their studies and prepare for careers. Teen boys shouldn't have to marry girls they impregnate if they don't choose to; and anyway, that's way too young for people to marry.

So, I feel sorry for the GIRLS who become victims from lack of sex ed knowledge.

Sarah expects other teens to abstain even though her daughter didn't. Why didn't her daughter use birth control? Is it because Sarah prevented local schools from teaching about it and because she never bothered to educate her own daughter?

It's an insult to all intelligent women for McCain to think any Hillary fans will vote for him because of this conservative woman he invited to join his ticket.

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